The EZGO Liberty 4 passenger golf cart enclosure is custom made for the EZGO Liberty golf cart, made specifically to fit its body shape. Zippers on all doors make it easy for drivers and passengers to enter and exit, and when not in use, the enclosure can be rolled up to the edge of the roof. When it’s time to use it again, it can then be rolled back down, zipped back together, and closed again. The EZGO golf cart enclosure does not feature a plastic windshield window, as the enclosure attaches to the windshield posts. This allows for maximum visibility. Our golf cart enclosures are made from a high quality, UV-resistant fabric that can stand up to the toughest of circumstances. Getting caught in the rain on the golf course or being splattered by sideways rain while driving down a road will no longer be a problem with our golf cart enclosure. Not only does it keep water off the cart, the driver, and the passengers, it keeps riders staying warm inside the enclosure when the winter season approaches and cold winds come billowing in.

The EZGO Liberty 4 passenger golf cart enclosure is made specifically for the 4 passenger EZGO Liberty golf cart, with four seats facing forwards. Most of the time, EZGO golf carts are not street legal, and are usually used for golf courses, construction sites, security, shuttling, and more, though there are some that have all the safety features necessary to become certified as a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV). The EZGO Liberty 4 passenger golf cart enclosure comes in black, and can be ordered at our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts.

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